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  • Why Sell Online?

There are more than 110 million people using the Internet today, and that number is growing fast. Nearly 65% of current Internet users have used the web to search for products and services for sale online; however, only 14% of these net users have actually purchased anything online. By the year 2000, 92% of net users were browsing through online stores and of that group 45% will actually make purchases. The future looks very good because 2001 numbers look even better.

  • What Sells Online?

In the past, computer hardware and software sales comprised the largest piece of the online marketplace. Other markets, however, are now making great strides in this arena. In general, the more difficult and/or time-consuming it is to purchase a product, the more likely consumers will prefer to use the Internet over the traditional shopping experience.

  • Who Sells Online?

Today, small businesses (defined as those businesses with less than 100 employees and/or those with sales less than million) account for more than 23 million businesses in the United States, but less than 10% have their own web site and less than 5% have e-commerce sites. Large corporations, however, have a greater involvement/interest in the Internet and E-commerce. Why? Large companies have more resources and easier access to the latest technology.

Now, the playing fields are leveled for small businesses through access to a global marketplace at a substantially reduced cost.

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